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Online Jackpot Rewards

Online Jackpot Rewards

We all hear stories about big casino wins, but the online jackpot rewards are no less impressive. Some great stories have come out over recent years about world record breaking online casino jackpots, the best of which has to be for a Norwegian player last year.

He was only known by his screen name of Peter, but reports have confirmed that he was just twenty years old. While he was playing at the Betsson Casino, all of the jackpots were in Euros. Since the official currency of Norway is Norwegian Crowns, he was not really sure about how much money each win was worth, but he kept playing anyway. When he hit the jackpot on one of their extremely popular slot machine jackpot games, he was at first reportedly calm, asking moderators exactly how much he had won because he did not understand the currency. When they informed him of the total, Peter became a bit more excited, and for good reason – he had just won €11.7 million, or $15.3 million! At such a young age he will surely now have his whole life set out for him, as nothing is beyond his grasp. Imagine the feeling that you will never have to do another day’s work, only a handful of years after you finish high school... what a huge stroke of luck he must consider it to be that he chose to play the slots that day!

One woman from California just watched her luck stack up and up and up one day at the Bodog Casino. She started out with her first big win at the roulette table, where she managed to claim $523,589. Not satisfied simply with this much money – or perhaps she was only playing for the entertainment value – she then moved on to play the Fruit Frenzy slot machine, where she hit the jackpot with $30,000. While most people by now would simply be dancing around the living room thinking about their next purchase, this plucky player returned to the roulette table that had given her first taste of success, where she managed to net another $230,589! Her unbelievable total of wins for the day was $784,171, a huge figure that seemed at last to get her to leave the screen behind and celebrate her good fortune.

One British player proved that when Lady Luck is on your side, you do not always need to be a high roller. He started off with just $5 on a popular video poker game, Jacks or Better. Somehow he managed to really get on a roll, and eventually the game ended with his starting figure seeing a vast improvement... yep, he had successfully turned $5 into a breath taking $1,310,720. These kind of online jackpot rewards are the kind we all dream about, are they not? Seeing a small amount of money transform into a huge sum right before our eyes, whether through the magic of luck-based games or the joy of our own card playing skills.

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